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Name:Jade Fox
Birthdate:May 17
Location:Tarlac, Philippines
The owner of this journal would like to say that she is not a stalker, nor is she a scary person, no really. She is in a lot of fandoms although her tendency is to lurk, doing the occasional comments here and there. She is a procrastinator by nature and has a penchant for yaoi/slash. Recs, fandom musings, the once in a blue moon fics and various ramblings about anything that catches her fancy could be read in this journal.

Feel free to friend or de-friend.

If you find your journal added, it just means that she finds most of your posts interesting. If you do not wish to be added, just give a yell.

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a distant soil, ac milan, ai no kusabi, akihika, anime, arashi, arislan senki, atemu x seto, banana fish, berserk, bleach, books, bt'x, bump of chicken, byakuya x renji, card games, chess, chrestomanci, cj cherryh, clamp, clover, colleen doran, comics, crack, criminal minds, cristiano x kaka, crossover fanfics, csi, csi: ny, d.gray-man, death note, detective conan, diana wynne jones, digital devil saga, doujinshi, ellen kushner, epics, eyeshield 21, fan art, fanfics, fantasy books, fatal frame, ff7, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics, final fantasy xii, fma, football, fst, george r.r. martin, getbackers, go, guilty gear, gundam seed, hajime no ippo, harry x draco, heat guy j, hellsing, hikaru no go, homoerotica, hunter x hunter, iker casillas, initial d, japanese music, jars of clay, jpop, jrock, juuni kouki, kaka, kakita yoshi, kamen rider, king of fighters, kingdom hearts, kuchiki byakuya, l5r, legolas, leviathan, lifehouse, lionel messi, lord of the rings, lotr, lynn flewelling, maldini, manga, matendou sonata, mirage of blaze, monster, movies, mpd psycho, music, naruto, neil gaiman, numb3rs, ogata x ashiwara, ohno satoshi, orlando bloom, ramza, raxephon, real madrid, rikkaidai, rpg, rps, saint seiya, saiyuki, seishirou x subaru, sentai, sephiroth, serie a, seto kaiba, sexy zone, sga, siam shade, slash, sol x ky, sora x riku, soulcalibur, stargate, subaru sumeragi, supernatural, swordspoint, sydney losstarot, tactics, tantei gakuen q, tokusatsu, tokyo babylon, tolkien, touya akira, vagrant story, vanyel, video games, videos, waya x isumi, weiss kreuz, whistle!, x, x-files, xxxholic, yakitate japan, yakumo tatsu, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yoshitaka amano, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh gx, yuu yuu hakusho, zenki
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